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Collaborative planning for vital, diverse, inclusive, livable communities through practical problem-solving with citizens, other stakeholders, and community leaders


Who We Are

 Judith Green and David Woods founded GreenWoods Associates (GWA) in Seattle in 1992, focusing on citizen participation, comprehensive land use planning, main streets, environmental planning, parks, and neighborhood planning with an inclusive, culture-infused quality that reflects and enhances distinctive places.  In collaboration with diverse resident-participants of the Seattle’s Crown Heights and Ballard neighborhoods, as well as a team of planning specialists we organized, we initiated the urban planning approach now known as the “Seattle Model.”  This approach focuses on including the goals and voices of our clients and those who will be affected by our work throughout the planning process.  Working with a team of specialists in diverse planning disciplines, we listen to and facilitate conversations among those who need to be there, do research and analysis to answer their questions, offer “best practices” examples and innovative alternative ways to meet their goals, create graphics and charts to help them make good choices, prepare reports, validate these, and make presentations to final decision makers and the community.

In 1996, we moved GWA to New York in order to pursue teaching and planning opportunities here, while expanding our regional and national opportunities to learn and to serve through working with public, private, and non-profit clients.  Our offices in Manhattan and Long Island allow us to get to know our diverse clients well and draw on the experience and remarkable skills of other planning professionals. For us, each planning project is a new opportunity to work with our clients and their diverse stakeholders, with whom we aim to create vibrant, livable, equitable, and sustainable communities.

To learn more about our firm’s services and projects, see our GWA project list, our lists of planning specialties and past projects for our Principals Judith M. Green, PhD, AICP and David W. Woods, PhD, FAICP, PP. See also and our Team list of leading firms and planning specialists who are available to work with us on future projects.

Thank you for your interest.

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Our Principals


Planning Expertise

Comprehensive Planning, Visioning, and Facilitation

Collaborative Public Participation and Education

Eco-social Resilience and Sustainability Planning

Economic and Community Development

Housing Affordability

Transportation Planning

Main Street and Neighborhood Planning

Historic Preservation

Parks and Open Space

Zoning Codes and Design Guidelines

Planning Communication and Public Speaking

Project Management

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